ADHD In Children         

What is ADHD?

What is ADHD? ADHD or is sometimes called Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. It is one of the mental disorders that is usually seen in children and is also present in adults. One of the risk factors or causes of ADHD are environmental agents, traumatic brain injury, food preservatives and sugar, genetics and hereditary factors and last but not the least is Brain Abnormalities.

Upon inspection, you won’t even see the difference between the normal children and those children having these kinds of disorders. The only thing that sets them apart is their behavior in class or even in their day to day activities.

These children who are affected with these kinds of disorders are often impulsive and hyperactive. They won’t be able to finish their task on hand; they are easily distracted, unable to focus in one task, easily bored in just a few minutes, disorganized, trouble completing homework and task, and loose things often. They run, talking nonstop, unable to stand still or sit still, and is in constant motion either running, shouting, or climbing.

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Because of its subjective in nature, it is hard to diagnose ADHD. Sometimes, the teachers are the first ones to notice the behaviors these kids are manifesting and thus advices the parents to report to the pediatricians as soon as possible. The pediatrician will then assess first if there are any possible other problems that could cause the same possible signs and symptoms that the child is experiencing. The pediatrician will then determine if the child has seizures that are undetected, ear infections, vision problems, learning disabilities, depression or other psychiatric problems that could also manifest these signs and symptoms. The pediatrician will then assess the child’s school records, and also the child’s behavior at home. If the behaviors are consistent and is experiencing it for a long time, and that this happen more often than in his peers, is it temporary, or is it only localized to a specific situation or location.

Treatments for this kind of disorder is usually medications, psychotherapies, trainings, education for parents and the child, or a combination of more than one treatments.

There are other conditions that coexist with ADHD. Some of these are learning disabilities, conduct disorder, anxiety and depression and bipolar disorder.

There are more things that you could do to help someone with this kind of disorder. You must be able to understand this kind of disease and how it affects your lifestyle so that you’ll be able to combat and battle this disorder. It is treatable and the combine therapies are usually effective.


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